Project Reflection

The Tampon Tax is a sales tax which is applied to menstrual products. The goal of my project was draw attention to the negative impacts of the Tampon Tax with attempt to remove this sales tax. However, our project has not been very successful.

My project has not been successful since we have gotten a very little amount of views and the amount of signatures has also been very little. For example, my most viewed blog post only has 2 views which shows that our blog isn’t getting very much attention.

In addition, our petition has 24 signatures which isn’t enough to draw attention of the New York State Legislature. With only 24 signatures, there isn’t enough popularity of our petition to make a drastic change such as removing the tax.

Another reason it wasn’t successful was because my most viewed blog post didn’t receive any comments. This conveys that none of the viewers wanted to comment their opinion which means that our blog wasn’t very popular.

Throughout the creation of this digital activism project, I have realized what can truly make a blog popular. Our blog wasn’t very interesting to the public eye which shows that this isn’t a topic that is greatly favorable. With only two views on our most viewed blog post and no comments, the analytics present that our topic wasn’t popular and we didn’t bring much attention to our topic. We only had 24 signatures, which shows that not many people saw our petition and our blog posts. This is significant because it portrays the idea that our goal was not reached and that both our petition and digital activism blog were unsuccessful.

If I were to improve our project, I would promote it more often on social media and post blog posts more often. I would also promote our petition more on social media so that more people could see our petition and be more open to signing it. We could also make our blog more aesthetically pleasing because it would be more appealing to the public eye.



Listed down below is a reflection of our tampon tax project. We could have improved in some areas, but overall we made an effort and attempted to spread our message.


The Petition

As you all may know, we have this blog to raise awareness for the horrendous luxury tax on menstrual products. For this cause, we have this blog but along with this we also have a petition on a website called This petition is meant to be signed by people who would also like to help us in getting this luxury tax removed. All in all, we would love it if you pitched in and helped us out by signing our petition. It would not only help us, but also so many women all across the world who aren’t able to afford this kind of expensive stuff.

The Tampon Tax is Real! Eliminating it is a Public Health Issue.

I completely agree with this post. The tampon tax is making menstrual products less affordable for women causing there to be less access to these products. This is unfair for women and it has become a public health issue. The fact that these products are unaffordable to people shows that the tampon tax is a problem. The tampon tax is just another addition to the price of these products. People shouldn’t be allowed to put a price on periods. I re-blogged this post because I believe that this is a very important topic and Crystal is supporting the same issue that my friends and I are fighting for. These products should be accessible to all people and it is unfair that some have to use unsanitary objects as substitutes which are dangerous for female hygiene.

Social, Cultural & Behavioral Issues in PHC & Global Health

*Authors Note: I would like to acknowledge that periods are primarily experienced by people who identify as female, making this a women’s issue. However, in order to acknowledge the struggle of Trans people to be included in the menstrual equality movement, I have taken every step to write this position piece with non-gendered language. Any oversight and inclusion of gendered language is not intentional.*

North Texas Teens Lead Charge In
Favor Of ‘Period Tax’ via CBSDFW

On May 3, 2009, 13-year-old Samantha Haggerty and her friend 14-year-old Ruhika Patra bravely spoke to Texas Lawmakers about a topic that makes the general public squeamish. The young Girl Scouts made their way from Plano to Austin to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee in support of HB 311, a bipartisan effort, spearheaded by Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, to eliminate the sales tax on products used for menstrual hygiene.

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Our Progress

Hello everyone. I would like to thank all of you for your support in furthering our efforts against the tampon tax. Our blog is doing okay in terms of views, but it could be better. If you can please share this post and help us get our views up. Thank you.

Switzerland backs plan to slash ‘tampon tax’

“Socialist MP Jacques-André Maire who said the current tax on period products meant women were “unjustly penalised to a high degree”.
In the text of his motion (here in French), he noted it was “surprising” that products like floral arrangements and even animal litter were subject to the 2.5 percent tax rate, but not women’s sanitary products.”

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I thought this was also very shocking that such items like floral arrangements and pet litter were thought of as more of a necessity and things that should be less taxed than menstrual products. I would like to completely disagree with that statement because products for menstruation are something women need. We don’t choose to menstruate every month, it’s just something that happens. It’s nature, and us women can’t do anything to prevent it from happening. So all I’m saying is that it’s nothing but unfair to women to tax such necessities in life.